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Nebula Amusements

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Hado Augmented Reality, michigan entertainment, virtual reality, Hado pvp, esports, dodge ball

Servicing Lapeer, Davison, Flint, Grand Blanc, Goodrich, Oxford, and surrounding areas.

Nebula Amusements is Michigan's Premier Mobile Entertainment Company

We  put on pop up events at fairs, festivals, bars, halls, schools, churches, and more...

We are also available for private rental!!!

Our marquee attraction is a futuristic augmented reality system known as "Hado".

Augmented reality maps digital elements into the real world,  allowing players to use their actual surroundings as part of the game,  providing for a more physical and realistic experience.

Our flag ship game "Hado PvP" marries the best elements of Laser Tag and Virtual Reality and takes them a step further.

Hado is the future of interactive gaming.

Our Attractions

Hado pvp, esports, dodgeball, Michigan

Hado PvP

Physical sports meet Augmented Reality  in a tactical dodge ball style game. 

2-6 Players 

Recommended Ages 10+

Shoot blasts of energy from your hands, raise energy shields, and outscore your opponents  in the fully immersive competitive sport known as Hado PvP. 

Coming Soon


Hado Monster Battle

Augmented Reality  cooperative arena style battle.  

1-4 Players

Dodge enemy attacks, earn power ups, and  shoot blasts of energy from your hands while battling various monsters such as fire golems, dragons, and more... 

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