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eSports just got physical with Hado AR

eSports just got physical with Hado AR

eSports just got physical with Hado AReSports just got physical with Hado AR

The Perfect Attraction for Anime, Gaming, & Comic Book Conventions

Who We Are & What We Do

  We are a Michigan based company which specializes in a high end, large scale, multiplayer, augmented reality eSport attraction from Japan known as Hado.

 Augmented Reality differs from Virtual Reality in that when a player puts on a head set, they can still see everyone and everything around them. 

This is possible because the software layers the game over reality, similar to CGI. 

By mapping digital elements into the real world, Hado allows players to use their actual surroundings (including their cosplay) as part of the game, providing for a more physical and realistic experience. 

It's the next evolution in interactive cosplay gaming.

There are no cables, no controllers, and no bulky headsets, instead each player is equipped with a light weight headset and a touch screen motion sensing wrist band which makes the game physically freeing, significantly easier to learn, and much more immersive. 

It's a social experience where instead of playing against opponents over the internet, participants compete against the people standing across from them on a massive and visually appealing 20x30 ft court, while bystanders are able to watch all the action on our 60” monitors.

Although our focus is primarily anime, comic book, and gaming conventions throughout the United States and Canada, we also specialize in team building events, corporate parties, private parties, weddings, school functions, fundraisers, and more... and we bring all the action to you! 

Our Games (AR)

Hado PvP

eSports just got physical in a multiplayer augmented reality dodge ball style game. 

2-6 Players 

Recommended Ages 10+

Shoot Dragon Ball Z style energy blasts from your hand, and raise shields that look like they are straight out of the movie Tron.

Our Games (Not AR)


A top down wizard brawler where players battle it out in either team mode or in a total free for all. 

Draft new spells every round to add your arsenal and watch your beard grow after each kill. At the end of 9 rounds, the player with the longest beard wins!

2-8 players 

Recommended Ages 10+

Developed by Bowlcut Studios

Also available on Steam and Xbox One

Coming Soon


Hado Monster Battle

Augmented Reality cooperative arena style battle.  

1-4 Players

Dodge enemy attacks, earn power ups, and cast spells right from your hand, while battling various monsters such as fire golems, dragons, and more... 


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